Monthly Seminar Series

The DEMON Network Monthly Seminar Series includes live streamed events covering a range of topics related to the application of data science and AI to dementia research.

All seminars are freely available to Network members and will be advertised here and in the monthly newsletter. Every other month our seminars are hosted jointly with the UK Dementia Research Institute. 

Upcoming Seminars

Details of the next seminar will be added shortly

Past Seminars

8th January 2021: Population Level Simulations for Dementia Prevention

Dr James Burke: “What can population level simulation dementia modeling do for you?”

Dr Deborah Levine: “Overview of BP COG pooled cohorts”

Chair: Dr Janice Ranson

4th December 2020: DEMON & UKDRI Seminar

Dr Neil P. Oxtoby: “TADPOLE Challenge: Data Science for Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease Progression”

Professor Caleb Webber: “Parking the hypothesis for Parkinson’s and following the molecular data”

Chair: Dr Giovanna Lalli

2nd October 2020: DEMON & UKDRI Seminar

Prof Valentina Escott-Price: “From genes to treatment or how to find a needle in a haystack”

Dr Timothy Rittman:  “Understanding tauopathies – from neuroimaging to mechanisms”

Chair: Professor David Llewellyn