500 members and climbing!

Our membership has more than doubled since March, and we now have over 500 members from six continents. I’d like to thank our core team (Deputy Director Dr Janice Ranson, Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Charlotte James and Network Administrator Jan Alcott) in particular for all of their hard work in building the Network up from scratch so quickly. What an amazing success. We’ve been promoting our Network through a number of different channels, including Twitter (@DEMONNetworkUK), and we now have a DEMON LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/demon-network/

Our focus has now shifted from growing the Network to organising ourselves and achieving impact. It’s really exciting to see how quickly we’re developing and what diverse interests our members have. Members are now invited to join one or more of our practical Working Groups which will focus on writing papers, applying for funding, transferring knowledge and securing new partnerships. See our latest bumper newsletter for more information: https://demondementia.com/newsletter-may-2020/

How big will our Network become? 700 members? A thousand? To be honest I didn’t think we’d manage to get to this point so quickly, so I don’t know. We’re still greedy for new members, so please continue to signpost people to our our webpage: https://demondementia.com/join/ However, I’m satisfied that we now have the critical mass necessary to achieve our ambitious goals. I look forward to working with our members to achieve our vision of revolutionising dementia research and healthcare by bringing innovators together and harnessing the power of data science and AI.

Prof David Llewellyn, DEMON Network Director

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