DEMON goes global!

We originally envisioned DEMON as a UK National Network. However, our membership surpassed our expectations, reaching 29 countries worldwide. With a presence on 6 continents, we are advancing our aim to revolutionize dementia research and healthcare through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The diverse array of countries our members are from reflects the high level of interest we have received. Our list of top 10 countries boasts members from Finland, India, and Nigeria, encouraging inclusivity and innovation in science.

Members currently represent 111 universities and 64 other organisations. We hope these figures will continue to climb as our influence spreads across institutions.

Additionally, we are pursuing strategic partnerships with industry so the network can progress towards financial self-sustainability. We have 51 DEMON members with background in industry, increasing our potential industry contacts. Our membership represents 48 commercial companies with varied interests, such as AI, software development, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Examples of commercial companies represented by DEMON membership

Achieving a global membership in under 8 months is no easy feat and was achieved through different means, such as relentless sharing on our social media platforms. We urge you to follow us on Twitter (@DEMONNetworkUK) and LinkedIn ( so we can continue to grow our membership to new heights.

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