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Training Workshop: Combining imaging data using machine learning

29th March 2022

Our educational workshop ‘Combining imaging data using machine learning’ was held in September 2021. The main goal of the workshop was to inform early career researchers with experience or interest in using imaging data about innovative machine learning approaches and algorithms that may be used to characterise the structure and function of the nervous system, identify meaningful patterns and support clinical decisions in dementia.


21st February 2022

NEUROHACK, a competitive international hackathon, took place on the 11th-14th January 2022. The 4-day event brought together 110 skilled participants from 27 countries across six continents. Competitively selected participants attended virtual hubs in London and L.A to tackle key brain health challenges using data science and machine learning. Participants worked in 16 international multidisciplinary teams […]

Machine learning for dementia prediction

22nd December 2021

Artificial intelligence can predict which people who attend memory clinics will develop dementia within two years with 92 percent accuracy, a largescale new study has concluded. Using data from more than 15,300 patients in the US, research from the University of Exeter found that a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning can accurately tell […]

Apply for NEUROHACK 2022!

8th November 2021

A competitive hackathon to promote brain health The DEMON Network is launching NEUROHACK, a 4-day competitive international hackathon on the 11th-14th January 2022. Selected participants will attend in-person at hubs in London and Los Angeles. A limited number of places for virtual attendance will also be made available. A variety of exciting challenges will be […]

Dementia journal metrics: Useful or just wrong?

21st September 2021

Does it matter where you publish your work? The value of our publications is often evaluated differently depending upon where it is published. If you’re applying for promotion, you’re competing for funding, or you’re trying to secure tenure then it’s likely that the journals that you’ve published in will influence your chances of success. It’s […]

Reproducible reporting using Markdown

9th September 2021

Our educational workshop ‘Reproducible Reporting Using Markdown’ was held in July 2021. Providing training for over 80 researchers, this half-day event comprised of a series of short talks, followed by a practical workshop with skilled facilitators on hand.  The feedback from our post-event survey was very positive. The talks which introduced reproducibility, the UK Reproducibility […]

“A pre-established perfect route to data science does not exist” – my path into neuroepigenomics

1st July 2021

Written by Dr Sarah Marzi, Experimental Models working group lead My route to my current position as group leader in neuroepigenomics at the Imperial UK DRI was rather unusual. I started out studying mathematics at the University of Freiburg. This was the time before Germany introduced Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. There was only the ‘Diplom’ […]

Dementia research meets motorsports: Innovation Accelerator

18th June 2021

Are you an early career researcher with an interest in dementia? Would you like the chance to collaborate, innovate and compete? We have partnered with Race Against Dementia to hold an Innovation Accelerator. This unique event will bring together teams of early career dementia researchers and motorsports experts, create diversity of thinking and break down […]

1,000 members, six continents!

29th March 2021

Welcome to all of our new members. Since launching the DEMON Network in November 2019 we have quickly grown to be a large global initiative spanning six continents. In July 2020 we had 500 members, and we could only speculate at that point whether the interest in the Network would be maintained, so I’m delighted […]

UK Biobank Special Interest Group launched

10th March 2021

UK Biobank has been identified as a key Network resource, and many of our members have experience in using this data for dementia-related analyses. To help develop resources and facilitate further collaborative analyses, papers and grants we’ve formed a dedicated Special Interest Group (SIG) with it’s own Slack channel. All members of the DEMON Network […]

Digital Innovation & Data Science for Dementia and Longevity Research Event – Top 5 takeaways

17th December 2020

Event hosted by the Deep Dementia Phenotyping (DEMON) Network and Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) Blog written by Chris Albertyn, King’s College London DEMON Network Regional Lead & ARK Project Manager On Thursday 26th November 2020, the Deep Dementia Phenotyping (DEMON) Network and Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) co-hosted a launch event highlighting the crossover between […]

Working Group meetings launch

20th November 2020

We’re excited to announce that our inaugural Working Group meetings are now underway. Yesterday Dr Danielle Newby Prevention Working Group Lead from the University of Oxford kicked us off with the our first meeting. This was followed today by Dr Timothy Rittman, University of Cambridge, and Dr Michele Veldsman, University of Oxford, Co-Leads of the […]