Monthly Seminar Series

The DEMON Network Seminar Series includes live streamed events covering a range of topics related to the application of data science and AI to dementia research.

Held on the first Friday of every month, all seminars are freely available to Network members worldwide. Every alternate seminar is hosted jointly with the UK Dementia Research Institute. 

Past Seminars

May 7th 2021: Transfer Learning and Disease Knowledge Transfer

Dr Charlotte James, University of Exeter

“Predicting Incident Dementia in Memory Clinic Patients”

Dr Razvan Marinescu, MIT

“Transfer learning from typical Alzheimer’s to rare dementias using Disease Knowledge Transfer”

April 9th 2021: Immune signatures and pathways

Dr Cynthia Sandor, UK Dementia Research Institute and Cardiff University

“Stratifying deeply phenotyped Parkinson‚Äôs patients with
blood-based immune signatures”

Dr James Duce, University of Cambridge

“Non-parametric machine learning analysis of a large patient cohort uncovers a novel pathway connecting innate immunity with Aő≤ production”

March 5th 2021: Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) & Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia (LASI-DAD)

Prof Jinkook Lee, University of Southern California and RAND Corporation.

Chair: Prof David Llewellyn

February 5th 2021: Harnessing Network Medicine for Alzheimer’s Drug Repurposing

Dr Feixiong Cheng, Cleveland Clinic

Chair: Dr Caleb Webber

January 8th 2021: Population Level Simulations using BP COG Pooled Cohorts

Dr Deborah Levine and Dr James Burke, University of Michigan

Chair: Dr Janice Ranson

December 4th 2020: Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

Dr Neil P. Oxtoby, University College London: ‚ÄúTADPOLE Challenge: Data Science for Predicting Alzheimer‚Äôs Disease Progression‚ÄĚ

Professor Caleb Webber, Cardiff University & UK Dementia Research Institute: ‚ÄúParking the hypothesis for Parkinson‚Äôs and following the molecular data‚ÄĚ

Chair: Dr Giovanna Lalli

November 6th 2020: State of the Science in Dementia Biomarkers and Prevention

Dr Danielle Newby, University of Oxford: “Can You Teach Old Drugs New Tricks to Prevent Dementia?”

Dr Petra Proitsi, King’s College London: “Emerging Biomarkers for Dementia”

October 2nd 2020: Genetics and tauopathies

Prof Valentina Escott-Price, Cardiff University: ‚ÄúFrom genes to treatment or how to find a needle in a haystack‚ÄĚ

Dr Timothy Rittman, University of Cambridge: ‚ÄúUnderstanding tauopathies ‚Äď from neuroimaging to mechanisms‚ÄĚ

Chair: Professor David Llewellyn