Working Groups

Our eight practical Working Groups represent how we intend to work together in order to achieve impact and address our Grand Challenges. Each Working Group has a Lead who will coordinate tangible activities with clearly defined and measurable outcomes. These include knowledge transfer and training activities, collaborative funding applications and publications, and strategic partnership building.

Our Working Groups are multidisciplinary and include members from diverse backgrounds from around the globe. They bring to bear state of the art data science and AI techniques to make new advances.

Working Group Leads

Genetics and Omics

Dr Nathan Skene

Imperial College London

Drug Discovery and Trials Optimisation

Dr James Duce

University of Cambridge


Dr Petra Proitsi

King's College London


Dr Michele Veldsman (Co-lead)

University of Oxford


Dr Timothy Rittman (Co-lead)

University of Cambridge


Dr Danielle Newby

University of Oxford

Applied Models and Digital Health

Dr Donald Lyall

University of Glasgow

Methods Optimisation

Dr Charlotte James

University of Exeter

Experimental Models

Dr Sarah Marzi

Imperial College London