Working Group meetings launch

We’re excited to announce that our inaugural Working Group meetings are now underway. Yesterday Dr Danielle Newby Prevention Working Group Lead from the University of Oxford kicked us off with the our first meeting. This was followed today by Dr Timothy Rittman, University of Cambridge, and Dr Michele Veldsman, University of Oxford, Co-Leads of the Imaging Working Group. We’re staggering the Working Group meetings over the month to make it easier for people who are keen to be involved in more than one. We will be holding regular Working Group meetings in Applied Models and Digital Health, Genetics and Omics, Biomarkers, Experimental Models, Drug Discovery and Trials Optimisation, and Methods Optimisation.

The inaugural Imaging Working Group meeting earlier today

The focus of these meetings will be on our tangible outcomes: collaborative papers and grants, knowledge transfer activities and new partnerships. DEMON Network members are invited to get involved in these Working Group meetings, and between meetings we’ll be using our Working Group Slack channels to throw around ideas. Join the Network here for free if you’re not already a member.

A year on from our launch in November 2019 and we already have 687 members from six continents. The launch of these Working Group meetings is a major step forward in achieving our vision to revolutionise dementia research and healthcare by bringing innovators together and harnessing the power of data science and AI. Thank you to everyone who’s passion has made such fast progress possible.

Prof David Llewellyn
DEMON Network Director

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