With no cure for dementia and current drug treatments only treating symptoms temporarily, there has never been a better time to work on strategies to improve brain health and prevent dementia. This working group will support researchers from any discipline focussed on dementia prevention and improving brain health in three broad areas:

  1. Early life, midlife and late life risk and protective factors for cognitive decline and dementia
  2. Identification of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for cognitive decline and dementia
  3. The use of multi-modal datasets and/or multi-cohort analysis to triangulate evidence for dementia prevention

There is a vast range of existing datasets available to researchers who want to focus on dementia prevention. In the growing environment of improved data access, it is strategically important to develop a cadre of researchers with experience of analysing complex, multi-modal datasets for dementia prevention research. The dementia prevention group will help and support researchers develop appropriate analysis plans, build robust statistical models, offer support for grant applications, provide information for training and development, support access to secondary cohorts and finally help create multi-disciplinary collaborations with the other working groups to build on expertise. This working group will help researchers to design and carry out research that could help policymakers and professional medical bodies provide guidance for health management and treatments for dementia prevention.