1,000 members, six continents!

Welcome to all of our new members. Since launching the DEMON Network in November 2019 we have quickly grown to be a large global initiative spanning six continents. In July 2020 we had 500 members, and we could only speculate at that point whether the interest in the Network would be maintained, so I’m delighted that we’ve reached 1,000 members already.

See our updated About Us page for more information about our talented team who have made this happen. This includes our international Steering Committee, Theme Leads, Working Group Leads, and Regional Leads who have all played key roles in developing the Network and promoting membership. This success is also due to our core team. Deputy Director Dr Janice Ranson has been instrumental in building the Network, and is actively shaping the Network’s vision for the future. Postdoctoral Researcher Dr Charlotte James is developing new machine learning methods, has greatly improved our website, and leads our Methods Optimisation Working Group. And lastly Network Administrator Jan Alcott provides support to the whole team. They have been key to building our Network up from nothing so quickly. Thank you!

Now that we’ve achieved critical mass I look forward to a busy and exciting future. We’re working increasingly closely with industry, so look out for new developments on that front too. As we begin to emerge from the global pandemic and count the cost, we’re still faced with an enormous challenge to improve dementia research and healthcare. I’m really enjoying working with such talented and passionate people, and I look forward to making new breakthroughs through our emerging collaborations.

Prof David Llewellyn, DEMON Network Director
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